So some unexpected events resulting in back-to-back interstate travel totally blew my cotton candy plans to smithereens. Well postponed them, anyway. Cotton magic is still nigh.

In the meantime, I need to set the record straight on a few allegations that arose in the comment section of my last post. Beginning with: Was I fired from my first real job at Cornucopia in the Valley Mall? Or did I walk away and never look back? Or did I simultaneously quit while being fired? Well, there’s only one way to find out: my totally unbiased fictional portrayal of something that happened almost 20 years ago.

To set the scene: Cornucopia was a flavored popcorn/smoothie/cotton candy counter in the mall owned by Linda Miller, my best friend’s mom. It was a humble little shop in one of those quiet annexes, the only traffic drawn from the interior entrance of the movie theater. People would stop there, stuff a bag of popcorn or a wad of cotton candy under their clothes and proceed to the theater. Kids with braces, named Billy, would approach from oblique angels and their mothers would shriek, “No Popcorn, Billy! Not for another five months!” Billy would whine a bit and move along.

The year is 1991. This is my best approximation of what happened:

Me: So this place sells carnival snacks and whatnot.

Danielle:It’s going to be so cool to work together! Nothing could go wrong ever!

Me: What the hell is that? (pointing to thing)

Danielle: Oh that’s the popcorn kettle. Each kind of popcorn has a different recipe and is set on a different timer and then there’s this thermometer for the caramel and chocolate and when this bell dings you add the white cheddar or yellow cheddar or sour cream and chives or cajun powder. But sometimes it’s nuts. We have four kinds of nuts. And you’re going to want to stir really fast, but with a light touch. You’re going to want to do a little wrist flick like this but only for 30 seconds and then you just stir regular.

Me:That’s funny. So where’s the recipes?

Danielle: I can’t tell you that. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

Me: Or you tell me and I kill you.

Danielle: Or I tell you and we both kill ourselves in a suicide pact.

Me: Or you could tell some passer-by, kill him, and I would just happen to overhear.

Danielle:Or I could tell no one and we could both live a normal, productive life…

(Eight minutes later:)

Danielle: Or I could mail it to you and you kill the mailman.

Me: Or you could tell me face to face and I shoot at an elk. Why is this clumping together?

Danielle: You aren’t stirring fast enough.

Me: Let’s write a jingle about stirring faster so I remember to stir faster.

Danielle: Let’s draw a diagram.

Me: Let’s write a dramatic monologue about a confused girl working at a popcorn shop named Mimosa Rose.

Me: She was sent here from Bombay and she can’t uncross her eyes.

Danielle: A bounty hunter is trying to find her because she swallowed a very large lapis lazuli as a baby and it is still lodged in her stomach

Me: He just flew over on the Concord from Paris. He is now at JCPenney trying on a pair of pleated pants. He is sticking his gun under the waistband of his newly purchased pleated pants…His name is Vikram.

Danielle: He has stopped at Hallmark, he is looking wistfully at a Precious Moments figurine.

Me: Now he is at Zales…he could just buy himself a lapis lazuli at Zales.

Danielle: Yeah! But still he approaches…closer and closer he comes. His footsteps resound on the newly waxed…

(The popcorn clumps beyond reason. Enter Danielle’s mother.)

(Ten minutes later:)

Danielle: Mimosa Mukergee Rose! You have eluded me for the last time!

Me: I stirring poppycorn. I in America now.

Danielle: You have something I want!

Me: Customers waiting. Six customers.

Danielle: No, there are only three customers!

Me: Looks like six to me, because of my crossed eyes.

Danielle (cornering Mimosa with stirring stick): I must have that precious stone!!!

Me: (earpiercing shriek)

(Customers leave. Enter Danielle’s mother.)

(Thirty minutes later:)

Me: You again?!

Danielle: Yes it is I. Vikram of the Brahmin class. My face was scalded with hot caramel but I still have the use of my left eye.

Me: But last time you said that the time before that was last time I eluded you.

Danielle: No that was the last time.

Me: You lied!

Danielle: Yes and there is plenty more dishonesty where that came from.

Me: I makey the cottoned candy. Please come back after business hours.

Danielle: Not without my precious lapis lazuli!

Me: But it is part of me now. It has grafted to my stomach lining.

Danielle: Well, then, I will have to remove your entire stomach.

Me: You mustn’t! I need my stomach for digestion!

(Paper cotton candy stick grazes motor and is shredded to confetti. Enter Danielle’s mother.)

One day later: I receive word from Danielle that her mom has made the new work schedule and I am not on it.

One week later: I receive a paycheck, my one and only paycheck, for $34.78 which I never cash because I lose it.

Two weeks later: Vikram finally gets his lapis lazuli.

In hindsight,  it would seem like I was fired. Except does it count as being fired if you were hoping beyond all hope that you would be fired? Because the job was way too difficult? Because you knew you would never again be allowed to work the same shift as your best friend? Because you were now freaking terrified of the cotton candy machine? Because you were never really hired in the first place other than a very flimsy verbal agreement that you would “try it out?”

Gray. It is all very hazy and gray. But we can certainly not say that I was “fired” in the traditional sense of the word. And now that that’s settled, let’s never talk about this incident again. As long as we all, all of us reading and writing this blog, shall live.


3 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Mimosa Rose, are you still seeing double? Do you still eat flavored popcorn and cotton candy? Has the lapis lazuli been surgically removed? Does Vikram still stalk you? Your English has certainly improved!

    (Did you continue on speaking terms with your best friend after that exciting day?)


  2. This is best read aloud. Preferably to your Brahmin husband who is annoyed that you’re laughing when he’s trying to go to sleep and (unfortunately) doesn’t understand the humor despite it being read aloud, which has made the reader laugh even more because it’s funnier when read aloud. Ps I cannot promise to never bring this up again. I just can’t.

  3. Jill, I mean no disrespect to the Brahmin class..Brahmins are the best!

    Anne, I am about to eat ten skeins of cotton candy…and blog about it! As for Danielle: i had nothing to forgive since I wasn’t fired. As for Mimosa Rose: we can only assume she is living in an ashram, sorely disillusioned by the American experience.

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