Victorian Post Update

This is just to inform my readers that I have updated the Victorians at the Seashore post with an illustrative diagram. It was drawn hastily, yet with great concern for accuracy.  You may ask yourselves: Why is the chandelier lit under water? What, pray tell, is a great blue whale? Why is the dead kid still clutching a lollipop? Ummm. I think we can only blame the Victorians for such ludicrous errors.

It was nerve wracking, making drawings again. Many of you don’t know that I flunked out of art school. Got in under false pretenses and was asked to leave. I guess instructors found my endless representations of railroad tracks vanishing into the horizon “bizarre” and “uninspired.” They didn’t understand my artistic “choices.”

“It’s called a vanishing point!” I would insist.

Meanwhile, what else is new? Cotton candy magic is imminent. My 1.5 year old daughter is panting and tap dancing and sucking vigorously on her cup of milk. Brian gave me a gift that will insure I never lose my cell phone again. Pirates committed unspeakable atrocities on the high seas which should not be romanticized. And fall is glorious. May each of you partake, behold, and cherish it, etc. For it is vanishing. Poignantly.  As shown by this picture (which someone should really draw):


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