Look What My Cousin Found!


I was just sitting in a cute little Indian restaurant reading about Victorians on your blog (got to Wilmington, DE with Veronica 1.5 hours before showtime for her last performance of Mozart’s The Magic Flute (possibly written to prove that Masons were as crazy as Victorians)…  and when I left to head for the theater I walked by the Delaware Historical Society and this sign…

Coincidence? Maybe so, maybe not. More importantly, what would the Victorians, with all of their modesty, think of this?… And will this just begin a downward spiral of the Delaware Historical Society repeatedly undresses women of numerous affiliations?… And who WILL be next? Masons? Moravians? Lilliputians? Scandinavians?

Good question, Jason! Must we make history so titillating? Hasn’t the white male Patriarchy done enough, what with their male gaze always gazing to and fro and all over the place? Haven’t Victorian women just suffered by being Victorian women? Now they have to be posthumously stripped?

My cousin Jason. He keeps me informed about all sorts of urbane happenings and cultural events in the Philadelphia area. He also knows how to make the most decadent and recherché desserts. He also scored very high on his SAT’s. Yet he was a sort of naughty child. No, that’s not true. Not naughty–lively, spirited! Willing to partake in the most misguided schemes that usually ended in property damage on my grandparents’ Lancaster county farm. Like the time we rang the bell so hard in the old schoolhouse-turned-garage that we broke the rope. That was some very naughty bell ringing!

But no matter–he is an upstanding young gentleman now. A masterful cook, married to an opera singer, with refined tastes and an eye for upscale indignities.

I say: For shame, Delaware Historical Society! Let the ladies keep their clothes on.


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