Happy 2012, Friends! The Year of the Dragon, Leap Year, and according to the beleaguered Mayans, The Turning of the Tide. 2011 was no cake walk. No sirree. For me and many of my loved ones. May the tide change in each of your favor!


2 thoughts on “Twenty-twelvsies!

  1. Gail,

    Your posts today raised a lot of questions for me. But I don’t think that there are twenty. These questions are predicated on the fact that a “turning of the tide” is a good thing. Hmmm.

    What is the best kind of tide — high or low?
    Is the tide good or bad?
    If the tide is good then wouldn’t high tide be best and turning from low to high would be a welcome sign?
    Don’t more people drown in high tide than low tide?
    Does that make high tide bad?
    Could it be that tide is neither good nor bad?
    Would that mean that it is that act of change itself that is good?
    Should we view it more as a process than a result?
    Is the tide Buddhist?
    Why should the peaks of the tide-sine-curve be any more revered than the inflection points?
    Did you know that the rate of change is highest at the inflection points?
    Why do inflection points always seem to get the shaft?
    Why don’t most people know what an inflection point is?
    How many people would even bother to look up “inflection point” if they didn’t already know what it was?
    Is the U.S. educational system failing our children?
    Why aren’t kids curious anymore?
    Did you notice that I actually had twenty questions after all?


  2. 1. Low, obviously.
    2. The tide is kind of amoral. But still low tide is better and therefore “gooder” than high tide.
    3. No, you are falling into a conceptual metaphor trap…high is not always good, and low is not always bad. You are applying your instinctive conceptual metaphors of the earth and sky to oceanic flux, which does not work. It is confusing because of transcendence and the heavens and the fact that we are bounded by the earth but not the sky…BUT much better things happen at low tide. Therefore it is “gooder.”
    4.Yes, exactly.
    5. Not “bad”, just “less good.”
    6. Well, let’s not get all morally relativistic.
    7. & 8. I typed a long response about teleology and aesthetics and Heraclitus and Hegel. But now I’m going to change my answer to “Sometimes.” Jeesh, Brian. I should have moderated your comments more carefully.
    9. Probably.
    10. Well, they shouldn’t. The inflection points are where you can run out and see all of the crazy crap in the tide pools–jellies, crustaceans, sputnik sea urchins. It’s when you can dig up some tasty little crabs for dinner.
    11. No, I did not know that!
    12. See my answer to #3. It has to do with gravity and the earth/sky division.
    13. I think most people know this way deep down inside. They just can’t face the cold hard facts of the physical world.
    14. Most people would not. I didn’t either actually. Which is why my answer to #10 is wrong. And also #12. Though I am right about #3.
    15. Yes, I hope our children riot someday. Because that would be cute and funny.
    16. Because grown-ups are like: “Stop asking me Why!!!!”
    17. Stop Brian.
    18. Stop.
    19. I mean it. I’m really busy.
    20. I did.

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