Here is a Civil War time recipe:

Fry some bacon in a pan. Remove bacon but leave grease. Stir cornmeal, egg, and a bit of water into grease to make a dough. Wrap dough around ramrod of your gun and roast over fire. Peel off strip of biscuit and call it “sloosh.” Eat with honey.

It tastes best after you’ve killed some Union troops.

But you can’t really do that nowadays. Kill Union troops. Nor is it easy to find a ramrod for roasting. I made it once with a stick and a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls. Then I dipped it in jar of jam. I’ve never killed anyone, though I am a Virginian.

When I was in France once, I told some young “types” on the street that I was a Virginian and they laughed and yelped “Virgeen! Virgeen!” “No, Virginian,” I corrected them. Then I asked them if they knew any recipes from the Franco-Prussian war.

They did not.


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