Farewell Holly

Dear (irate?) and long-suffering readers: sorry for the lapse. I did write something a couple of weeks ago, but due to my laziness in the face of very minor technical difficulties, I never posted it. And never will. For now it feels passé. And I never sorted out the problem. And the laziness persists.

It was a blog about two things: mathematical conundrums, and my dear friend, Holly Herr, who has left our golden, jacked-up shores for the country of Chad in Africa on a three-month assignment with Doctors Without Borders. She’s gonna be saving babies’ lives this summer, which is all well and good except that we were supposed to go camping. (So dear, cuddly, readers, if you would rather spend a weekend in a tent with you-know-who, than save hundreds of babies’ lives, call me.)

Because…this is obvious…we can’t all be doctors without borders, let alone doctors, let alone nurse practitioners (which is what Holly is; she’s a pediatric nurse practitioner).

Some of us may be doctors with borders, some of us may not hew to borders but aren’t really doctors per se, some of us may be doctors of English literature, or lie about being Doctors of English Literature, or call ourselves ABD Doctors of English Literature…which is also a lie.

The cold hard fact is, some of us need to stay at home and hold down the fort. Some of us need to sweat it out in a tent and eat warm beans from a can while we imagine metaphorical babies to save.

For some of us those “babies” may be doll babies that we save from pretend diseases, for others those “babies” may be taking out the recycling, for still others those “babies” may be feeling anxious about the shifting of tectonic plates.

If this last category describes you, I strongly suggest you read my next blog. Or if you feel scornful of tectonic plates. Or if you don’t really care one way or the other about tectonic plates. Or if you don’t even know what tectonic plates are. Or if you sometimes care but most of the time forget to and would like to be in a more constant state of panic.

Or if you hate California. Or if you hate Japan. Or if you hate the ancient Minoans. Or if you hate buildings. Or if you hate just about anything on planet earth…read my next blog!

On the other hand if you have had a loved one die in a lava flow, I suggest not reading it.

Now then, let us all wish Holly Herr, actual baby saver, safe travels, cool breezes and godspeed.


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