Holiday Over


I haven’t posted here since October 9th. I bet that made it awkward for all of you checking back everyday for the last three months. Sorry, but if you would just follow my blog like other sensible people I know, you wouldn’t have to keep checking. You would just wait for the email saying I updated the blog. It’s very time efficient and saves you the embarrassment of not knowing things.

Meanwhile, I was off on an adventure, which is the definition of a Spartan Holiday (see my very third post.) Well, technically a Spartan holiday was war. And  I suppose I was at war in a way…a war against time and space and English grammar in the mean cobblestone streets of Antigua, Guatemala where I spent the last month getting my TEFL certification. Now I can teach anyone, anywhere, English whether they want to learn it or not (that’s a lie..students must be intrinsically motivated). More to the point, I can teach native English speakers (my friends and soon-to-be-former friends) what they are doing wrong…using the zero conditional construction to talk about non-facts for example. That’s what I’m most looking forward to!


But my point is…the point of this blog is to announce with great fanfare (toooot) that I’m back and you can expect one blog a week for at least the next two weeks and then I may take another eensy weensy holiday to eat meat pies in New Zealand with some guy from Antarctica named Dave, but henceforth I will resume, come February, my weekly posts full of all sorts of soul shivering fun facts and incisive rapier thrusts into this mysterious, impenetrable, yet gossamer tissue of history and culture that we call “Life.”

Coming soon…an interview with Andy Gingerich about his master’s thesis on sacred spaces and what it’s like to live life’s mysteries in a one-room shack!



3 thoughts on “Holiday Over

  1. Yay, Gail! Thanks for the post and for giving me something to look forward to in the new year.

    I love the International Phonetic Alphabet. My favorite is ‘ai’ as in ‘my.’

    Dude 1: “Go pop that homie for squatting on my corner, yo!!”
    Dude 2: “Aight!”

  2. Yes, Brian…that is a good one. As you can see this is only a partial chart.

    I have lots of other nifty things to show super convoluted order of adjectives. We do it automatically. Like so: opinion-shape-age-color-origin-material.

    The cute, black, 60s era, French woolen knickers.

    Okay, you could switch French and woolen…it’s not ironclad. But you see a very strong pattern.

    I also have some temporal diagrams of the twelve different tenses that are going to blow your freakin’ mind.

  3. Woohoo! Glad to see you back traveling Spartan. I will try my bestest to use as much bad grammar as me can to help you practise youre Guatemalan, new, fancy TEFL skills.

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