Are You Getting the Full Spartan Holiday Experience?

millais14For the exclusive, comprehensive Spartan Holiday experience, might I suggest liking the Spartan Holiday Facebook page? Why would you want to do that? Well, I post extra stuff to my page during the week: dazzling photo essays, pictures of Victorian desserts, perplexing and intriguing links.

The full Spartan Holiday experience is like drinking a big bowl of milk in an apple orchard, in full bloom with a bunch of young maidens with flowers in their hair while a scythe of death hangs over your head. As opposed to, say, hanging out with some young maidens with flowers in their hair and a scythe hanging over your head, but not the other stuff.

Conversely if you only like Spartan Holiday on Facebook and are not following the blog, you may also be getting a half-assed Spartan Holiday experience. Facebook is a fickle mistress, you see, her fickleness is based not on human emotion but on a complicated algorithm that dictates what you will and won’t receive from your newsfeed on any given day.

Wanna talk about how one day all of human experience might be reduced to one monstrous, but brilliant, algorithm?

Me neither.

In other news, they’ve finally discovered dark lightning and the United States no longer has a grain reserve. (And hasn’t for some time.)

Okay, I’m going camping. Happy weekend.


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