Spartan Holiday On Fire!

Dear Readers!


The Spartan Holiday offices have caught on fire!!! And are burning down as I type!!! I know!! It’s alarming! Maybe because you didn’t know the Spartan Holiday offices are located in the Valles Caldera National Preserve!!! And even though the fire is 90% contained, it turns out my blog shack is in the containment zone!! It looks like the blog on balneotherapy I promised last week may never be written!!!

The fire is being fueled by mixed conifer and ponderosa pine!! I know that because I’m here!!

Do you know who the true heroes are? Firefighters!

And also me because I’m taking time to write this when my life is in jeopardy!

Here’s a picture of macaques relaxing in some hot springs! Could be hydrotherapy or balneotherapy!! I wish I could tell you more but I can’t because of the forest fire!


Life is so unpredictable! One minute I’m enjoying my secret illegal blog shack in the Valles Caldera and the next I’m posting a picture of self-indulgent monkey-type animals wondering if it will be the last picture I post!

What will happen to my blog? Nobody knows, least of all me! All I know is that things will never ever be even remotely the same again!!!

Did you know people used to go to spas more to drink water than to bathe in it? To drink special mineral water!!! All day long!!!

I think that’s kind of funny!

Well, I should go! The prairie dog stampede has subsided and my baked Alaska is melting!! Two signs of impending doom!!!


So goodbye!!! Farewell blog shack, farewell New Mexican forest lands, farewell baked Alaska and Spartan Holiday as we once knew it!

Perchance a new blog will very soon be resurrected from the ashes…maybe next week! A new version of Spartan Holiday! Until then!!

Stay safe, New Mexicans!



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