An Apology

Dear Spartan Holiday Readers,

I am ashamed. Very, very ashamed. Early today I posted a blog claiming that the Spartan Holiday offices were on fire.

I mostly did that because I had no time to post the history of balneotherapy as I promised last week. An encroaching forest fire seemed like a good excuse.

But then some people wondered if my office really was on fire. And they feared for my life.

I am ashamed of that. I’m also ashamed that I made light of a very serious problem facing our beleaguered state–namely long-term drought and devastation by forest fire.

The Spartan Holiday office is not really in the Valles Caldera. Some people, unfamiliar with preserve usage laws, believed that too.

Again, I was just trying to weasel out of my promise to blog about the history of spa treatments and healing waters. I did read about balneotherapy and discovered some sort of interesting things. But I just didn’t have the energy to write about it

The truth is I’m very busy. And frankly, a little stressed with deadlines and stuff. I had a plumbing issue and I can now only use single-ply toilet paper. My daughter’s favorite doll has checked-in to dolly hospital because her leg broke off. (Dolly hospital is inconveniently located on my dresser top.) Last night, I accidentally made a vegan recipe and realized too late in the game that it didn’t have cheese in it, but should have. It’s been a rough week, you know?

I also claimed in my last blog to have made a baked Alaska…which I did not. That is far, far above my skill level in the kitchen. I just liked the idea of it melting in the heat.

I’m sorry for making light of the plight of prairie dogs, many of whom probably lost their lives this past week.

I’m also sorry for posting that picture of those monkey-type animals soaking in the hot springs in Japan. Apparently that is an old picture that everyone has already seen.

Finally, I’m sorry I used so many exclamation points. It seemed like what a person about to run away from a forest fire would do.

So, no worries. I am alive and well. And Spartan Holiday will go on. And I won’t be blogging about spa treatments next week. Instead I will probably blog about my top ten items that I would save from a fire, because my phony fire got me thinking about that.




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