Another Blog Ruined By the Author’s Lack of Coordination

I had a great idea for a photo essay blog post this week. Dave (freshly back from the polar south) and I spent a couple of days in Abiquiu where we discovered/ reacquainted ourselves with all sorts of Northern New Mexican cultural oddities and terrestrial delights.

Like this beer made by ne’er-do-well monks at Christ in the Desert monastery.

IMG_5233And these large wooden doors. You have to admit they’re pretty large. (You also have to admit that there appears to be a reasonable sized door within the larger door.)

IMG_5222We made Crab Louis, “the king of salads” for the first time, and it turned out okay.

IMG_5278And visited the unexcavated ruins of this unpronounceable Anasazi village.

IMG_5241 But really what I wanted for this blog was yoga shots at Plaza Blanca where we went hiking. People like to take pictures of themselves doing yoga in scenic settings. These were supposed to be really awkward and bad yoga poses whilst I was wearing a winter coat. Or just fairly lame ones like downward dog. For example:



One of the warrior poses. I forget which one.

But then I was doing some other ones and Dave made me stop because HE WAS AFRAID I WAS GOING TO FALL OFF THE ROCK. ”  When have I ever fallen off a rock? Never. At least not to my death.

But then today, I was in the bathroom, standing on the toilet lid, reaching for a bottle of mouthwash in an adjacent cabinet when the lateral pressure from my stretching snapped the toilet lid at its hinges and I fell. I fell into my toilet. Well I landed on the floor, but my foot was entirely in the toilet. So maybe he has a point.

Merry Christmas sweet, dear, most cherished readers. I’m heading home to Ole Virginny on Tuesday. My home state is famous for peanuts, ham and cranking out the most U.S. presidents.




3 thoughts on “Another Blog Ruined By the Author’s Lack of Coordination

  1. I think the title is misleading. Any blog that includes the author accidentally in a toilet seems the opposite of ruined to me!

    1. Celia, thank you for finding the silver lining. The human spirit is indomitable, they say, so I’m going to try my yoga series another time in another scenic locale.

      Marjorie, I walked away unscathed. And yes, Lali and I are both tearing it up here in the Old Dominion. Merry Christmas to you too.

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