My name is Gail. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I like the Greeks. I don’t care much for the Victorians.

I have a little person in my life named Lali. She’s three. Her favorite things are medjool dates, doing and undoing belts, and wearing multiple layers of bathing suits. She also likes to pretend to be a kitty.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. We should have thrown chips to the wind…and jammed!!! Sorry u got sick! I hope that’s not what I’m feeling! Did u write this blog whilst wsiting for 7yr old M? I think I figured out hOw to get notifications of new pOsts, tho instill not sure how to follow u. Don’t get sunburned at the beach. And def do something wild and crazy!!

  2. Just saying hello. I accidentally found your blog. I’m a Spartan and the SpartanHoliday heading made me curious and I browsed to your site. Do you have Greek/Spartan roots?

    1. Hi Georgios, thanks for the note. Not a drop of Greek blood in me (well, one can never be sure, can they?) I just had a little phase of life where I read a lot of Greek history/ philosophy…for fun. 🙂

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