Happy Multi-Holiday

Strange signs and portents:

This past weekend townspeople ravaged the asparagus shelves; children sat for portraits with 6 ft bunnies; and hotel staff in Bangkok apologized for not responding to my emails (which they will kindly respond to Monday).

At this time in cosmological history, Christ busted out of the grave and the demon king Hiranyakashipu was defeated by Prahlada and Vishnu. And so we celebrate Easter and Holi.


To compound the celebration, all of this while the sun transits Aries–Christ’s resurrection, Hiranyakashipu’s comeuppance, the beginning of a new year–evidenced in asparagus hoarding, powdered dye attacks, unavailable hotel staff, and wasted butcher paper (see above). Easter, Holi, Songkran. (Songkran won’t precisely correspond with Easter until 2085.)

A lot of asparagus was bought, but how much asparagus was enjoyed?

If you find this all very confusing, just remember that no matter which holiday you celebrate, this weekend was all about triumph–starting over, being down for the count, or even two-days dead,  and then springing back up like: “RRRRAAAARRRRGGH!”

New year, new life, new world order.

Still confused? Here’s a concept map that I definitely didn’t draw while I should have been putting my daughter to bed.

IMG_20170416_213351Perhaps some of you locals know there was a Holi bash at UNM on Sunday. You probably didn’t know it was organized by a fast-living billiards champion from India who, two years ago, self-reportedly missed my class because he was sitting at home shivering in a blanket (pantomimes shivering in a blanket). Did I believe him? Yes and no.

In any case, he has adjusted to the climate now–to wit: his showing at the national pool championships and staging of campus-wide Holi celebrations. Triumph!

So, Happy Holi, Songkran, Roman Easter, Greek Easter, Passover, and whatever else just happened. This week is the perfect time to reset. Did you already do something new? Comment and hashtag below #freshbeginnings

For example:

“Escaping South Pacific penal colony #freshbeginnings”

“Learning how to spell words #freshbegginigs”

“Hatching baby chicks in my kitchen #freshbeginnings”

For example.